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Sonic’s New Look & Trailer Inspire Twitter Praise & Lots Of Conspiracy Theories
Meme, Memes, and Okay: 3.No Meme Content as posts. OKAY LEAVE What a crappy subreddit, none of the templates are on it. I want to see memes goddammit.
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Adidas, Love, and Which of these brands have you heard of? Black Lightning Raising Dion The Boys Watchmen None of the above Skip survey YouTube Survey 0:22 O L Never heard of those, but I love watching adidas
Ass, Heaven, and Chinese: Ivan Throne @DarkTriadMan This is called “art” This is the legacy and heritage of the West This is what men of the West fight, sacrifice and die for. This is victory. #DeusVult Rollo Tomassi @RationalMale 2d RMIs there an example of a female sculptor who committed herself to the same level of detail that a male does with a woman? t 2 23 Ivan Throne @DarkTriad Man 2d None that come to mind. That sculpture is an act of worship before Heaven, and it shows. t 2 12 6 Platonic Solid Snake @Pliny_theElder Replying to @DarkTriad Man @Rational Male and 6 others the sculptor is a chinese woman you dork ass losers 2:13 PM 17 Oct 17 “M-muh western men! Doos vault!”
Control, Camera, and Time: You thought you can Mask my face but since you use subtract instead of add, its me T. Workspace: All Panels O SeardhHe Composition: It was me,Dio It was me,Dio! Layer: It was me, Preview p4,used 1 time 900 x 720 (1.00) , 30.00. 4 0:00:1 olors Info x Millions c H.264 44.100 kHz/32 bit … R: G: B: A: 0 Playing from RA fps: 30 (realtim Type Com was me,Dio! Audio x was..mp4 MPE 0.0 Fold olids -60 9.0 -12.0 -15.0 18.0 -21.0 -24.0 Effects & Presets Animation Prese 3D Channel Audio Blur &Sharpen Channel Color Correction &Full OActive Camera 1 View 0.0 0:00:07:25 50% 8 bpc Distort Expression Control It was me,Dio! All-Might Generate anan apia 9:00 00:07:25 00.00 f Keying Parent Source Name e None Tracker DIt wasiot.mp4 1 Togple Switche/Modes 328 AD ENG 5% 19/10 Thought this would be appropriate to put on here
Don’t see any scam
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